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Sailpast 2011
June 27th, 2011 @ 10:30 PM EST by admin

Chris Murray, the morning OOD on Sailpast, thought that he was back in Halifax.  The fog was thick enough that the trees on the north side of the basin were gone. Fortunately the fog dissipated and by the afternoon there was sufficient breeze that the fleet was able to go out and enjoy a true Sailpast.

During the morning some of our members performed a bit of last minute cleaning and provisioning of the boats. One must be ready for guests.

One of the nicest things about Sailpast is to have the opportunity of being around the Club and talking to fellow members and guests (most of whom who were very nautical dressed in blue and white).  Sailpast is a social event.

Due to the cool weather our second OOD, Cheryl LaFrance was not overwhelmed with providing ice cubes for our members.  Although she would not take credit for the good weather and fine winds for Sailpast, she looked after our members very well.

Fr. David Mulholland, pastor of the Mission to Seafarers, blessed the fleet and led a prayer to those of our Members who passed away during the last year.

Our members who participated in Sailpast were saluted by Commodore Henry Piersig. Sailpast made for a great day on the water.

Our tradition reception was held in dining room of our Club.  All of our members had the opportunity to meet our Commodore and Flag Officers.

A special presentation was made to two of our long serving members.  Don Macintyre and Rick Dermont decided to retire from service as club divers.  Don has seen every mooring chain and anchor at the NYC. Rick, too, has seen the same items, but for not as long.  A lovely photo and tribute was presented to each of our divers.

For those who reserved early an excellent dinner was provided. Music was enjoyed during the afternoon on the upper deck. A band provided music for the evening.

A special thank you to Cathy Terry for her overall organization of Sailpast.  A great time was had by all.