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Seeking writers
June 27th, 2011 @ 10:01 PM EST by admin

The newsletter committee has been gradually finding its voice over the past year since we started the electronic newsletter. We have a small cadre of reporters, which grew by two just this past month. Welcome, Sean and Karen.

The newsletter used to be the keeper of the club’s social calendar. However, with the weekly announcements capably covered by our club’s professional staff these days, we have a bit more freedom to pursue a broader range of topics. If there’s one thing some sailors like to do as much as sailing, it’s talk about sailing.


So: if you have a suggestion for a regular column, write it up and send it in.  Many of our most useful stories come from informal, occasional contributors — from Damon Beggs’ recipes to Doug Creelman’s fine dissection of racing rules. These are not just committee chairs with something to announce, but club members with a point of view.

If you’re passionate enough about a topic to write something about it, we are happy to publish your point of view. We won’t print just everything we get though — everyone gets edited.

To contribute, send your pieces to us at . Just open your email program and start typing. If you need Microsoft Word to help you structure your thoughts, you can use that, too. If you’d like some advice on the writing process or how to get started, we’re happy to give some suggestions.

And yes, as ever, committee chairs and vice commodores: we love to hear from you too.

Stephen van Egmond
for the Newsletter Committee