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Sips on Slips 2013 – Wizard of Oz and the new RNYC
June 26th, 2013 @ 12:41 PM EST by admin

Sips on Slips is one of the most fun, memorable and “out there” events at the NYC  and it was another great experience for all that were part of it again this year.  The weather was a bit cooler than one might have hoped for but still more than acceptable – hey, no bugs!  Balloons marked the go-to boats for a sip, some horse do-vers, and some NYC comradery, and as far as I know, no slips into our fair lake this year – for a change.

Our new outdoor speaker system – thanks Dock Committee to help me get it up and operational – recently installed, on the Lower Back Deck provided a great musical atmosphere in the late afternoon and early evening until our house band “The Minimum Billing Band” fired up and rocked the Lower Back Deck until late.

Many members dressed up their boats, themselves and this year, even the ‘hood.  Out on C West Dock Geoff Brown, Ian Johnstone and Jonathan Bamberger set up the “Red Neck Yacht Club” between their boats complete with hanging beer-cup lights and “RNYC” membership cards including your very own red-neck name!  They also had a big keg of beer for the membership – a class act for a bunch of rednecks “fer sher.”

Many members got into the spirit (and spirits) and so competed in our annual contest of best dressed best picture and best theme.

  • Alibi won best theme & best dress combined Alibi – theme Wizard of OZ
  • Second Avenue – Picture theme and lots more good things
  • And the 3 boats of Jonathan Bamberger, Ian Johnston & Geoff Brown who had formed “The Red Neck Yacht Club” dressing for the occasion and changing their docks into the Red Neck Yacht Club issuing honorary memberships serving beer in red drink containers came in third.

All in all, it was another great night at the NYC – see y’all next year!

Photos and Story by Don Williams, Chair, Dock Allocations