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July 28th, 2011 @ 05:08 PM EST by admin
from the Protest Desk, manned by Doug Creelman I have been approached several times by racers, complaining about other boats not taking penalties after fouling another boat, not withdrawing after not sailing the whole of a posted course, or otherwise not sailing according to the Sailing Instructions and the Racing Rules of Sailing That’s too bad. Actually it is doubly too bad. The second rule in the Rule Book says, “2. A boat and her owner shall compete in compliance with recognized principles of Sportsmanship and fair play …” That is only the first reason. The second is about protesting: “60.1 A boat may
  1. protest another boat …”
Furthermore, there are constraints on the protests the Race Committee or the Protest Committee may submit. So it comes down to this: If you break a rule, take your penalty. If you see a boat break a rule and the boat does not take a penalty, then it is important to protest. Perhaps the other boat does not understand the rule, or perhaps the other boat expects to “get away with it.” In either case the other boat will be helped by being protested. We are characterized as a “self-policing” sport – it works only if the policing gets done. I can’t do it as Race Officer. I can’t do it as Protest Chair. It is up to everyone.