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Support the Intro to Keelboats Course
April 10th, 2012 @ 09:38 AM EST by admin
The intro to keelboats course is a good way to get volunteer hours, and this year it is easier than ever. Every spring, NYC welcomes 50 to 100 new members that enroll in the "Intro to Keelboat Sailing course". This course relies heavily on volunteers and their boats. Many NYC members have found that participating has become a way of getting some of the required hours. In addition to the need for boat-owning volunteers, we also need volunteer instructors that may not own boats at NYC. Some of the skills are quite basic, so you do not need to be an experienced sailor to help out. If you know how to use a winch, we can use your help. There are 3 different sessions requiring boats and volunteers: 1) boats dockside - This year we are changing the format. Where previously we had the boat owners do the instruction, this year we will also have instructors available for boat owners that would rather leave the teaching to others. This year we will be setting up various stations each teaching various skills. Some of the skills will be: winches, self tailing winches, docking(fenders, lines, cleats), raising and stowing sails, tacking, jibing, boat tour , boat parts etc. 2) On the water cruise nights - this is the same as previously: take some students for a short cruise 3) Mock race nights. This is a new one. We set up a race course and make the trip around the course. This will be like a real race but in a much more casual manner. If you have never raced your boat before this is also a great chance for the skipper to learn too. Again, instructors can be provided if requested. There will be a real start sequence and possibly a 2nd time around. Any boat may participate, no handicap ratings required. We need 7 to 10 boats each night. We may add additional nights as required depending on the number of boats and the class size. Dates Are:
  • Boats dockside: Monday May 14 and Thursday May 17
  • On the water Cruise nights: Mondays May 21, May 28,
  • Mock Race: June 11, June 18
This is also a chance to find new crew for racing and cruising. If you are interested email me at or call me at 416 315 7784 (cell).