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Thank You to the 2013 LYRA Committee
August 27th, 2013 @ 05:22 PM EST by admin

I wish to thank the many volunteers who willingly contributed valuable time, and expertise to make LYRA a well-run memorable event. A successful regatta is only as good as its race committee and by all accounts the race management was stellar, assisted by weather that allowed us to run 9 day races over 3 days.

In addition, the Centennial feeder distance race from Youngstown was well attended, and for the first time in several years there were boats competing in the Founders Race which this year started in Whitby. The Freeman overnight race has had declining participation; however Mother Nature provided the sailors an interesting event. Over 70 competitors came from around the lake and even two from as far as Quebec City.

Kudos goes out to:

  • Stephen Jones, Kevin Brown and Brian McKay Race Management
  • Dave Sprague – Principal Race Officer
  • Doug Creelman – Judging

The organizing Committee consisted of an also important number of Volunteers

  • Scott Blair – Sponsorship
  • Ron Jenkins, Vicki Piersig, Tim Sweet – Website/Advertising/Communications
  • Wayne Mullins, John Cangardel, Scott Blair – Budget Control
  • Linda Beatty – Secretary
  • John Crawley – Scorer Leslie Hutcheson – Principal Land Officer and volunteer coordinator
  • Adam Farkas – Trophies Zoe Blair – Food and Beverages
  • Magda Warczog – Regalia
  • Stephen Jones – Entertainment
  • Wendy Fischer – Yacht Scoring

Following are the numerous essential volunteers who cheerfully welcomed our competitors, who ensured that they were comfortably moored, clothed, watered, fed, parked, and entertained. It is these folks who are the all important public face of our club and their efforts are to be lauded as they keep the National as a Club sailors want to return to again and again.

Ian Hunter, Alan Abrams, Anna Bondarenko, Carol Petrenko, Cathy Terry, Kim Chapman, Calvin Chapman, Chris Graham, Chuck Wright, Megan Stanford, Dave McGuire, Dawn Whitehouse, Derek Knights, Don Williams, Duane Myers, Elida Huignard, Janise Kane, Jeff Shepherd- Guttman, Jelena Balic, Joe Albert, Oliver Bertin and John King and his numerous Sea Scouts, John Thomson, John Waddell, Karen Beaton, Larry Hoffman, Marguerite Pyron, Sebastian Acevedo from the Broad Reach Foundation, Marla Hanson, Michael Howe, Mike Schroeter, Nancy Wolfe, Ned Devitt, Pamela Munt- Madill, Pat Trusty, Patricia Chinell, Ric Azzarella, Rob Wilkinson, Siobhan Fitzmaurice, Susan Asquith, Terry Danielczak and Valerie Martineaut, Bob Ross, Carol- Anne Higgins and Stephanie Haines.

A very impressive group of friends indeed! Thank you all.

by Henry Piersig