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The 420 Club's Inaugural Year
September 27th, 2011 @ 06:59 PM EST by admin

The inaugural year of the NYC 420 Club came to an end with our Medal Race Day and banquet Saturday 27 August. The wind was light, but we still got in a practice start, two races and a fun race. As with the other 30 races we got in this year, the two official races were short, twice around windward leewards. The fun race (non-counter) was an unexpected howl as the RC announced that rule 42 (propulsion) would not apply after the start signal and, before finishing at the break-wall each boat’s mainsail head must touch the water.

Right after the start, boats were paddling, to not much effect. Two boats doused their mains and dunked the heads in the water. After rounding the weather mark, another boat tried to dump and lay their sail in the water except they weren’t coordinated enough and the boat turtled. About ¾ of the way to the breakwall, the 2nd place boat dumped with a little more success. The boat went over, the sail went in the water, and the boat was righted only to have the skipper slip and fall out of the upright boat. He was dragged back in only to lose 2nd place to two boats that took propulsion to the extreme and were towed past them.

The 420 Club is new this year and it is off to a great start! Where else are you going to get 30 races in from June to August? Where else can you line up against race coaches, instructor examiners, past youth champs, match racers, and regular club members? One evening you might be sailing with a hot-shot, and another evening you might be helming. The races are short, over in about 10 minutes so no one gets left behind, and then it’s on to another one. There will be a notice in the spring regarding practice nights and race start dates.

Come out and join us!

If there are any questions or comments please contact me.

David Foscarini