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The America's Cup – Team US Oracle Wins Again!
September 26th, 2013 @ 10:41 AM EST by admin
8 to 1 for team New Zealand and then team USA comes back to tie – unbelievable! Picture it: the final race is about to start upstairs in the Dining Room. Sam hooks up her computer for us to watch it live, via the internet, and the timer counts off the 30 minutes to the start. The dining room is full of anxious and excited members impatiently waiting. But, the TV goes to black as it has before with the same set up. Normally this system does work, so Sam did nothing wrong and she should be heart-fully thanked for getting the system prepped. America's CupSo I, quickly thinking outside the (racing) box, get my computer and search for another feed – not using Google because a YouTube feed as they will be blocked.  I search outside our continent for one. Isn't it great that we can search our entire little big (or big little) planet for almost anything online? I find a live feed from the UK, hook up my computer plus the sound and Presto!, we have a "live feed" for the 34th running of the America's Cup. Everyone got to watch the Americans (not that there were many actually 'Americans' actually on the boat) win the America's Cup Yacht Race with the new crazy fast cats that ride above the water on 'water foils' attaining speeds in excess of 50 MPH! Wowzer!!!! by Don Williams