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The C&C Owners Regatta Committee
November 27th, 2012 @ 04:25 PM EST by admin
by Paul Barry Last summer I had the privilege to help with the 2012 C & C Regatta and Rendezvous, and was thrilled and honored to receive the Marjorie Hare Award. In my shock and surprise I did not have the presence of mind to accept on behalf of all the volunteers who worked so hard for that event to be a success. I would like to take this opportunity to do so now. Thank you to all supporters! Chris's Hobbs was the chair of the committee and did a fabulous job making sure all the nitty gritty details of the event went off without a hitch. He even put his "mark-set" hat on, to set marks while I helped to run the shore side with a amazing set of volunteers. A special thanks to Bruce Spragg his wife Lorrie who provided vital support and Don Williams who was our DJ and managed the audio aspects of the event. I also want to thank Samantha Glass and Walter Kowalchuk for their support and advice. The C & C, and for that matter any regatta, does not happen without the help and dedication of many people. Looking ahead to 2013 I was thrilled and excited to be asked to Chair the 2013 C & C Regatta and Rendezvous. We are thrilled to have the 2013 Shark Canadians joining us as well, for a combined event and amazing party. A committee has been formed and we've already had three very productive meetings. We are putting together a plan that we are confident will lead to a great event. Bruce and Lorrie Spragg, plus Don Williams continue to be involved by giving sage advice and council on the ins and outs of running a regatta. We want to ensure we're extending our welcome to the cruisers out there as we are definitely putting more focus on that aspect as well as lots of fun racing! Look for us all winter long. We will be at the boat show promoting the event, as well as hosting a C & C and Shark Canadians town hall in the sailors night series. There will definitely be more information coming soon. If you have any suggestions. Please feel free to contact me at, we will be updating the webpage for C & C at soon!