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The Corinthian Fund
February 24th, 2011 @ 11:33 AM EST by admin

“All I can say is thank goodness I was able to bring home a medal in some small way to say thanks to my parents, National Yacht Club supporters and numerous other people who supported me along the way, either financially and otherwise.” – Terry Neilson 1984 Olympic Bronze Medal, Finn (Canada’s Olympic Sailing Legacy)

Wouldn’t it be great if one of our fellow sailors would say that about us again? Sailing campaigns today are not only physical endeavours; but, financial ones too. We now have a way to help, The Corinthian Fund. The Corinthian Fund was established in 2007 by Commodore Paul Bond.  Its goal is to help support sailors of all ages with the ultimate goal of excellence in international competition. It is a fund supported by Members of the NYC and as such, the Fund supports NYC Members.  Since its inception, the fund has only been in the accumulation stage.  It is now in a position distribute awards. The Fund is open to all National Yacht Club members that have demonstrated the potential to excel in international competition.  The minimum conditions of the applicant are as follows:
  • Be members in good standing of the National Yacht Club, for at least one year.
  • Be a regular competitor in the class to be sailed at the regatta for which assistance is sought under the NYC burgee.
  • Be the owner/ skipper of the yacht, where the class has a racing team of more than two,
  • Produce a written long-range program showing evidence of serious endeavour to excel in the sport of yacht racing.
  • Provide a written brief detailing, a budget, source of funds and any qualifying requirements of the regattas to be entered in the year for which fund assistance is sought.
  • Convince the committee that the applicant will be a credit to the club on and off the water.
  • Each applicant must complete an additional 6 hours of volunteer work directly related to the NYC. This is in addition to their membership requirements and must be performed by the applicant. It cannot be allocated from another member.
Any member receiving Fund assistance will be required to list all the events in which they have participated, together with full results. Further, the member will be expected to supply written reports of the events attended and progress made, and be prepared to give lectures or otherwise contribute to Club activities when required. The Corinthian Fund Committee will consider suitable campaigns and will base awards on need.  Youth racing will be a prime focus for the fund. Until now, the Fund has been only funded by the regattas held by the National Yacht Club.  We have to start working on other ways to make the Fund grow.  I am now asking members to now consider making donations to the fund.  Call Christine Baigent in the office at ext 26 today with your donation. Bob Magtanong Vice-Commodore, Fleet