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The Docks: Pre-launch edition
April 26th, 2011 @ 12:02 PM EST by admin
Spring is in the air – and if you add snubbers to your dock lines, then spring will also be in your boats as well! Get some, and take the “shock” out of your boat's constitution. It’s easier on our docks' constitution as well! The illustrious Dock Committee has been working hard to get the docks ready for this season. Thank you to all those on the Committee that helped out over the last few weeks, not to mention last season! All the vacant spaces on the Committee have now been filled. However, if you wish to add your name to the waiting list to join the Dock Committee, please email me. You will soon be heading out to your dock to secure your lines, so please do this in the proper way – with chains and preferably lines with snubbers on them. Email me if you need some help on this. The rules are readily available from the office – just ask! Also, let me know if you see a repair or an issue with your assigned slip, or the dock leading up to your slip (or anywhere for that matter), and we will try to get to it as quickly as we can. Please be neat when you put out your hoses and shore power cords so they are not a tripping hazard and also look nice – well, as nice as hoses and shore power cords can look, anyway. Don’t tie up your boat too close to the dock as your pulpit (bow or stern) may hang over the dock – keep it well clear so nobody needs to go to see their doctor for a deviated septum, or their dentist for new teeth, or to the local Pirates’ Shop for an eye-patch! Ahgrrrrrrrrrrr! We have re-assigned some slips this year due to new members coming in, some leaving, some health concerns that have come up, to better match boat and slip size, requests to move , and a variety of other reasons – so make sure that you check the “Master Dock Assignment List” that will be hanging up on the bulletin board soon, so you don’t go to the wrong slip and cause mass confusion. If you wish to know (or re-confirm your slip) please email me and I will let you know. Also, if you wish to re-locate to another slip, ask (with a reason) and ye shall receive (if we can accommodate the request, that is.) One final note: the Dock Committee will be working hard to keep the docks quiet (if you don’t), as well as safe, so that you can enjoy your Debussy with your Pinot Grigio, or your Barry Manilow with your Cab-Franc, or in peace and serenity (hey, I like Barry Manilow!), so please take that little bit of extra time to secure your halyards and lines away from your masts (if you have one, that is) before your leave your boat all by its lonesome. This will keep your neck of the wood – not woods – quiet. Thank You! Don Williams Dock Committee Chair