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The Docks
April 10th, 2012 @ 09:46 AM EST by admin

In an effort to improve the overall safety please take some time to clear your assigned slip of worn-out fenders and lines and dock guards, or we will.   Do not go out onto the docks until they are officially open as the Dock Committee needs to install the Rescue Equipment and lower the metal ladders first.  And when you do go out there, please have a check of your dock and let us know via email if there are any repairs or attention needed.

There are a few final boat moves that we are working on, so this is your last chance to email me for a request to change slips until next season.

Please label your extension cord and unplug it when not working on your boat in the yard.  This will help others to be able to avoid pulling your cord, perhaps when you are right in the middle of a job. By cross-checking with the boat name, a prospective puller can be certain there is nobody using that power outlet.  Cords should not be left plugged in over night, or when not in use.

We have two openings left on the Dock Committee so please contact me if you would like  to join our team – there’s nothing like working on the docks with our illustrious team!

In other news, we have set up a program with the Honda Indy organizer this year for a bit of a special and a social associated with the Honda Indy so if this interests you, please contact me for further details.  We have a “reserved seating section,” a free paddock pass and more!


Don Williams
Dock Committee Chair