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The Moorings Committee
May 30th, 2011 @ 08:41 AM EST by admin
photos & text by Don Williams Richard Dermont, the past Moorings Committee Chair, has handed the reins to Don Weston, the new Moorings Committee Chair. Both work with Soderholm, our Dock Repair Specialists, to re-align and install new moorings and dock anchor weights while Don Williams, the Dock Committee Chair and Photo Club President, captures some of the action after hooking up the water on D Dock after the storm did a number on it.  A surprising amount of diving has to be done to get this all accomplished - and the water isn't all that balmy yet! Train wheels are used to secure the docks and moorings weigh 750 pounds each and have a date stamp - 1953 - and will last longer at the bottom of our inner basin than either you or I!  There are about 60 of these wheels that have gone missing over the years - as once they are buried, they are gone forever as they sink, sink, sink. Hmmm... maybe that's where Jimmy Hoffa is?! They must be moved from time to time and the chains also need to be adjusted to compensate for the rise and fall of the water level of Lake Ontario.  Currently, the water is way up and this should last for quite a while, which is good news for us sailors. The docks took quite a beating in the latest wind storm with ten foot waves running through the inner basin - no exaggeration.  The docks needed major re-alignment; the D Dock Bridge support was destroyed (it is being rebuilt); and the main dock bridge also needed some welding and steel work done to repair damage sustained from this ferocious storm.