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The National: blog and electronic newsletter
August 16th, 2010 @ 07:59 PM EST by admin

Welcome to the first electronic edition of The National!

This electronic edition was conceived to help our club save a tidy sum on printing and mailing costs. Our writing crew remains more or less the same, but the editors and coordinators have changed.

We would especially like to recognize the contribution of David George, past editor, and his assistants Diane Bamberger and Marc Dacey, who together did an amazing job, month after month, bringing you the news and flavour of the club. Said one person who worked with them:

…  warm smile, positive attitude, flexibility with time-lines, willingness to put in my written articles – no matter how bizarre they were, and the close working relationship that we enjoyed – especially regarding club photos that I have taken over the years regarding current and fun events.

Thank you, David, Marc, and Diane.

Diane has joined us through this transition into the world of bits.  Now, onward…

How does it work? The newsletter goes out by email with lots of information in it, with links to the website for full details. Articles will have a teaser and ‘read more’ button that leads to the full story. You’ll see a link to this newsletter on the sidebar of the members’ landing page.

If you are a modern sort of person with an RSS reader at your disposal, you can subscribe to our feed.

Have a story to get out? We’d welcome your contribution.

Spot any errors? Good eye. We’d love help with proofreading.

Please send anything you’ve got to by the last day of the month. We will round up and send the month’s articles to all members shortly after our publishing deadline.

Thank you to Diane Bamberger, and Sue Thomson for assisting in the production of this issue, as well as our writers and photographers (credited in the articles).

Stephen van Egmond and Faith Seekings
Newsletter Committee Co-Chairs