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The National Green Guide – Maintenance Season
February 24th, 2011 @ 10:58 AM EST by admin

from Geoff Hadrill

As we round into the season of boat preparation a reminder of the NYC waste disposal system available to you to facilitate boat work and keep our environmental footprint as small as possible. If you don’t know where to dispose items please ask our staff.

The National won the prestigious “Spring Thaw Yachtsman Environment Award” last spring for our leading-edge hazardous materials collection. A program is only as good as its users so let’s work together to maintain a healthy NYC environment. Thank you for your cooperation. Questions or concerns: contact Geoff Hadrill, 416-953-1974

Waste Facilities are located:

  • along the fence by the entrance gate next to the east yrad mast rack (batteries, wood, scrap metal, & shrink wrap)
  • on the south side of the Work Shop (oil, antifreeze and bilge water drums, oil filter collection)
  • on the east side of the Clubhouse (garbage and recycles)

NYC Waste Disposal Guidelines

“Keeping the National Clean and Green”

ENGINE OIL – recycle in the Storage Tank.

ANTIFREEZE (PINK & GREEN) – recycle in the Storage Tank.

OIL FILTERS –dispose of in the drum marked “OIL FILTERS”

BILGE WATER- dispose in 50 gallon drum marked “BILGE WATER”

PAINT CONTAINERS – dry out contents & dispose in garbage dump bin

RECYCLES – place in Recycle Bin (No plastic bags, plastic food containers)

CORRUGATE, CARDBOARD- place in Recycle Bin

GARBAGE WASTE – place in green dump bins (plastic bags, fast food containers, plastic containers)

BATTERIES – dispose of on skid marked “BATTERIES”

SCRAP METAL – dispose of on skid marked “SCRAP METAL”

SHRINK WRAP- fold and tie up in small bundles and place inside fence near entrance

Avoid placing any hazardous materials in the green dump bins. That is:  no oil, diesel,  gasoline, antifreeze, contaminated bilge water, solvents, or cleaners.

Remember to purchase environmentally friendly products! Look for the Ecologo ecolabel.