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The National Island
June 26th, 2012 @ 05:29 PM EST by admin

Did you notice that the view across the island has been altered?

Something has changed?

Over the past several years, the island has become a collection point for various items that are no longer in use by the Club.  Other items date back many years, to when docks were located on the east wall of the island.  It has also been a winter storage location for sailing school boats, as well as the dinghy ramp’s floating plastic docks.

Last year, the Mooring Committee team was asked to help in moving some of the older sailing school dinghies over to the island.  There were a couple of old Albacores, and a damaged Laser.  While on the island, we took some time to inventory all the old tenders (some were totally rotted) and we made space to store the plastic docks over the winter.

With Walter’s support for a more extensive clean-up, we needed some special skills and equipment.  There was a great deal of old steel parts, in several forms, that needed to be removed.  Before that could be done, it had to be cut into more manageable sections.  With the able assistance on John Rutherford and his co-worker, Catherine Stokes, as well as a team of Club volunteers, we transported the necessary equipment over to the island and began the 2 days of steel cutting and cleaning up. And we picked the 2 hottest days of the summer to do this job!

Catherine Stokes completing a cut under the watchful eye of John Rutherford

At this point, all the steel has been cut up and will be transported to shore when the scrap dealer arrives with his truck.  All of the old boats that are still on the island have been inventoried, along with the old dinghy dollies.  Some, if not all of these will be removed over the summer.  In the end, the island will be a welcoming sight as we enter and leave the NYC basin.

The final activity on the island will be the creation of a permanent mooring location for both Storm King and the Blue Barge.  As the wall of the island is not a “friendly” location to secure our club boats, several changes have to be made.   This will include protective rub rails to protect the boats as well as new mooring connections.

Don Weston,
Director, Mooring Committee