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The New NYC Sound System
April 23rd, 2014 @ 05:50 PM EST by admin

What’s more important than our boat besides a great place to keep them?  This we have  at the NYC! And what was missing? Right again  – a good sound system which will help provide Public Announcements for Launch and Haulout. It will  also provide a nice ambiance whenever there is an event, regatta or social function (inside and/or out). Not to mention when it is needed for the many times the Chart Room hosts a conference, business meeting or one of our educational courses.

ReceiverA High Fidelity Dream

It all began a few years back when John Waddell held the VC Land Operations position. We had  almost the same dream. John, also a visionary, and I got chatting one day and we discussed everything that was needed for the clubhouse, inside and out. I was focused on the sound and music and so was John but he was focused on even more. He saw a working bar downstairs with two gi-normous, high-quality TVs and a great sound system. We did the Vulcan “mind meld” and we reviewed what needed to be done. We concurred on the many aspects, costs, locations, quality levels, placements, speaker sizes and options, satellite reception considerations, infrastructure, accessibility, ease of use, and what we wanted the end results to be.

Now by some weird coincidence, just up Bathurst Street were Kromer Radio who advised that they were going out of business (there is a God!). Just like an eagle that spots a mouse from 20,000 feet we pounced on this opportunity. This was a great time to get the equipment we needed and quality equipment at that. It was less than half price, bought locally and supports our business neighbours. Everyone wins!

20140421_141824Thank you to EVERYONE that helped.

  • There were many others that were also involved and helpful by contributing along the road to perdition big time, and I wish to say a super special thanks to them all:
  • Denys Jones for his blessings and getting the cabinet re-done up at his business to accommodate the PA and stereo equipment needed.
  • Linda Morley who took over where John Waddell left off on this project giving me the okay to “git ‘er dun” and get the rest of the equipment needed without scrimping on quality and focusing also on what would work best – which I did and again at 1/3 the normal cost (“vee have our vays”)
  • Tom Wood for his technical expertise and recommendations regarding the techy side of this project.
  • Don Hyslop, Marc Decorte and Ed Konzelman (amongst some others) that helped install it all, put it away for the winter, then reinstall it for the season – quite a big job actually.
  • And Sam was always accommodating and helpful along the way with testing, idea suggesting, information and logistics.
  • Even good ‘ole Walter for letting us drill through the walls where we needed to, and for providing suggestions and infrastructure assistance, helping this project along. (hey Walter! It’s finally finished!!! Thanks!)

And I don’t want to leave out Henry for not only coming up with a very resourceful and practical way of running the wires and cables so that they are invisible (using a conduit to “channel” them as they are fed where they need to go) but also for physically doing all the wire running. Thank you Henry!

It takes a team effort and many people to makes things happens on the scale of this project. We are so very fortunate to have that great team willing to help in the many ways that a project of this magnitude required and requires still. It is now complete, yet offers flexibility for any future changes.

What’s the result?

We now have a quality sound system in the Chart Room that plays from our Satellite connection, CD/DVD player, tape, computer, iPhone/Smartphone or whatever inside or outside or both. We can hook it up to the office PA for launch/haul and also utilize it, including cordless microphones for any meeting, course or seminar in either section of Chart Room. We did it all without paying any outside contractors, getting all the gear a half price or less, and designed to work in many applications and for various purposes.

Again thanks to all that helped in this major project. We just need the weather to “Begin the Beguine!”

Don Williams,
Dock Committee Chair