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The NYC Burgee Collection
September 24th, 2014 @ 06:45 PM EST by admin
This is to let you know that Henry Piersig and Dominique Molin are still very active in keeping the National Yacht Club's burgee collection. Henry has taken over the cataloging of our collection which is now verging on 300 flags. I continue to arrange the flags on the sticks so that all the flags are presented in the same manner. There will be two new burgees hung at  the National in the next few days. One is from the Chicago Yacht Club (brought to us by member Tracy Allin), a very large club which hosts the Chicago/Mackinac  Race every year. The other flag is from the Ketchikan Yacht Club in Ketchican, Alaska. This club is  much smaller, having about 15 to 20 boats listed on their racing roster. You can see from the ‘rain bird’ on the Ketchikan YC burgee that they have some weather challenges in Alaska...... Marjorie Hare 102_1391[4] 102_1392[4] We also received some burgees at the Shark Worlds, provided by international competitors. photo 1 photo 2 by Dominique Molin