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Toronto Sewage Problem
July 29th, 2014 @ 02:15 PM EST by admin
Toronto has a sewage problem. It could affect your health, and you deserve to know about it. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper first realized the seriousness of the sewage problem one year ago. The July 8 storm knocked out power at the Humber Wastewater Treatment Plant. The city dumped more than 1-billion litres of sewage into Lake Ontario in one day. We started investigating and discovered that sewage bypasses happen year round - roughly three times a month. In 2013, the city dumped more than 4-billion litres of sewage into the lake. That’s shocking. Our biggest concern right now is you. The City doesn’t notify the public when bypasses take place. This means people are unknowingly swimming, paddling, rowing, and boating in highly contaminated waters. On the anniversary of the storm (that’s today), we filed a legal application with the Province of Ontario. In it, we argue that the city should issue alerts when it bypasses sewage into public waterways. It’s a simple request. The City should issue a sewage bypass alert, just like it issues cold weather alerts and heat advisories. This informs residents when there is a risk to their health. Learn more about what this means for you and how you can get involved. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper