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‘Twas The Night Before Christmas
January 2nd, 2015 @ 07:40 PM EST by Newsletter Author
‘Twas the night before Christmas, and out on “the docks,’ Not a creature was stirring, except “on the rocks”   Those furry brown weasels, or whatever they are, Did not know the time, the day, the y’ar   Perhaps they are mink, a good friend advised me They “do” look like coats – just wanting to be   But is “was”Christmas Eve and almost“next year,” They’d not be thinking turkey, or presents, or cheer   They’d not be thinking of what makes our world great They’d just be thinking ... what’s next on the plate   They’d not be thinking of family and friends Or the real and true meaning that Christmas time sends   But “we’d” be all feasting and enjoying good times Not thinking of docks, of moorings, of lines   We’d be celebrating the season, with family and friends Discussing the present, the future, the trends   But back to “our docks,” quite lonely, forlorn Like little Baby Jesus so many years y’orn   They, like the weasels, did not know that we Toasted Christmas and New Years and all that it means   No, the docks just lay floating and waiting “their time,” When their use would soon be an important sublime   They knew that the ice would soon form them in cold Except for our bubblers assisting their hold   Keeping them steady and safe and content ‘Til spring’s warming pleasures and for what they were meant   To hold our dear crafts from weather and wind And provide us with transit time and again   We need our good docks they’re like arms holding strong They’re join us together in harmonious song   For it’s the club that they harbour and for all those that know That their fabric is woven of friendship we show   They say that our planet, now five billion years old With five billion left, or so we are told   Will at least last our lifetime and so will our docks If given precious care by our Dock Committee Jocks   Yes, the Dock Committee is and always will be The group that keeps them all healthy, and happy, and free,   Free from neglect and free from disrepair, From water breaks, loose boards, and whatever “out there,”   We’re there in the spring and we’re there in the fall Summer and winter but that’s certainly not all   We put the bridges up and we bring them back down, (And we often do this when no one’s around)   We’re a clandestine bunch, perhaps better this way But trust me we’re “out there,” just lost in the fray   So, what is the point of this short silly bit? It’s to remind you (subtlety) of the DC Commit   We’re committed to keeping our wet docking world Safe, neat and tidy when your flags are unfurled   So here’s a toast to you and to me And raise one much higher to the Dock Committee   We’re here at your service and always will be Just let us know issues and “off” will we be   To fix and to mend, to hammer and connect To bring back to new, no matter how wrecked   Yes, those weasels that play on the breakwall each day Know nothing of this and why should they I say!   Neither do joggers out running in the park to our north Nor do gawkers and walkers as they stroll back and forth   Neither do “Porterians” across as they fly to and fro Nor does our plant life or bird life on our icy flow   But we do as members and I hope you agree Thanks very much illustrious Dock Committee!   By Don Wiliams, Dock Committee Chair