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Use Extreme Caution Accessing Boats with Ice Present
March 27th, 2014 @ 04:11 PM EST by admin
This winter has seen a whole lot more snow and ice than usual accumulate around our boats as they sit quietly on the hard, and it's sticking around longer too. We all want to get at the boats to prepare for Launch, which is less than five weeks away. A word of caution: The ground around the cradles is very slippery! Some of the snow has turned to ice and is starting to melt. As it does, it creates large shallow pools of water that freeze again overnight, creating even more hazardous conditions. Just this past Friday as we did a tour around the yard we were all slipping and sliding. Just when we thought it was clear we’d come across another frozen area. This is especially true along the walk beside the seawall on the basin. For your own safety and well being please be very cautious walking around under the boats or setting up ladders while there is any sign of ice still apparent. by Don Weston, VC Marine Operations