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Visiting The Dorothy Ley Hospice
April 28th, 2015 @ 08:57 PM EST by Newsletter Author

In August 2010, my Dad lost his 6 year battle with cancer. My Dad lived in a small rural community in Northern Australia and was known as the go-to-guy for fibreglass boat repairs. On my last trip home to visit, before he passed away, he told me the worst thing about his life with cancer was that he couldn’t go fishing and beer tasted like tin!

As the disease slowly took over Dad’s body, he was required to make daily trips to the local hospital for treatment. This was a very painful and tiring 45 minute drive where the seat belt would constantly rub against his skin and irritate the shunt in his chest. The mere act of walking from the front door to the car would cause his leg muscles to shake.

When I visited the Dorothy Ley Hospice in February, I was astonished by the extent of FREE programs they offer patients and their families. As I listened to Melody describe the extensive medical and volunteer support provided in a patient’s own home and for care-givers, a part of me couldn’t help but wonder how different my Dad’s journey would have been if he’d had access to similar programs.

One of the most heart breaking moments with my Dad was realizing how affected he was by isolation and depression. He was physically unable to participate in activities and so life became all about the disease. During my visit with Melody at the Dorothy Ley Hospice she said something that really resonated with me, “The patients who come here are so used to people giving them looks of pity and focusing on their disease. When they’re in the hospice they get relief from that focus, they can relax, feel supported and enjoy life’s last moments.”

Having participated in the Toronto Area Hospice Regatta (TAHR) since its inception in 2008, I whole-heartedly believe in the programs provided by our beneficiary, the Dorothy Ley Hospice, and I’m excited to be this year’s Regatta Chair. The 2015 TAHR committee is working diligently towards a fund raising goal of $20,000 but we need your help.

  • Donating is easy, simply submit the form below along with a cheque to the NYC Office. All donations over $20 receive a tax receipt when received with the form below.
  • Donate a gift to our silent auction or become a TAHR Sponsor, click here for details.
  • Come down to the National Yacht Club on June 13th from 4pm and enjoy the regatta festivities – dinner, dancing, silent auction and more. You don’t have to be a racer to participate, everyone is welcome.
  • Join the Facebook page and help raise awareness about the event and the Dorothy Ley Hospice.

Any contribution, large or small, is welcome and sincerely appreciated.

Kind regards,

Trudy Murphy, 2015 TAHR Chair


Please find attached my TAHR donation by cheque made payable to the National Yacht Club.

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(Donations over $20 will receive a charitable tax receipt in the Donor’s name above & mailed to the address provided above).