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William Cook: Farewell Walter
December 21st, 2012 @ 02:17 AM EST by admin
William Cook shot some great photos of Walter's farewell on Nov 27, which didn't make it to press for the last issue. He adds:
Walter was convinced to come to the NYC by Ian Stobart who was responsible for hiring him. Ian Stobart along with Bill Bruce, both Board Members at the time provided advice and counsel at the beginning and also while Walter was developing his management style. He worked with many strong helpful club members. Two Commodores, Don Mockford and John McNeil were a great help over the years. Walter spoke of the strong NYC staff who helped him. These are people he worked with on a daily basis, over the years: Christine Baigent keeping our finances in order; Samantha Glass, our assistant manager who looks after so many aspects of the Club; and Rick London, who took care of the yard and taxi service. At the party, Walter paid tribute to Susan, his wife. Walter made it very clear that Susan supported him in so many ways, including looking after their two sons while he was at the Club. All in all, we would like to express our sincere thank to Walter for his 18 great years at the National Yacht Club, for doing so much to guide NYCs growth to become for many of us ‘our second home’. Walter, we wish you all the best in your new position as Executive Director of the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron.