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Wayfinding on the docks
July 28th, 2011 @ 04:56 PM EST by admin
Dock System Naming: In the interest of better overall organization, safety and easier orientation for everyone looking for a slip or dock location we - the Management, Board and myself - have come up with logical dock finger and dock area names and have added these names to our docking system. This will expedite the description and directions to specific dock and/or slip locations for various members, visitors, contractors, and emergency services personnel. We have updated and had printed a large and clearly read Master Dock Diagram and have put it up behind the OOD Station. The 2011 Dock Drawing has the dock “fingers” and docking areas clearly labelled. We will also be adding dock labels “plaques” in the appropriate areas on the docks to further help everyone find the location they seek quickly and accurately. No slip numbers or locations have been changed. The following is the new labelling of our docking system:
  • Main Dock – Slips M01 – M04
  • A East – Slips 1 – 46
  • A West – Slips 47 – 96
  • B East – Slips 105 – 118
  • B West – Slips 119 – 128
  • C East – Slips 151 – 168
  • C West – Slips 169 – 194
  • D Dock – Slips 201 – 226
Hopefully this will be helpful to everyone, and present our club as more professional, organized, functional and safer for all concerned.