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We Cheer Volunteers!
April 13th, 2015 @ 09:06 AM EST by Amelia Leeksma

Have you determined how you will be earning your Club Work Hours this season? The National relies very heavily on a base of volunteers to complete many of the tasks that are required to operate the club in a cost efficient manner. Without these volunteers actively coming forward to seek work opportunities, we either have to hire a contractor at a significant cost, or the work just does not get done. With the new rules regarding how hours can be accumulated and that Crew members are now required to earn work hours, it might be a really good move to start looking for hours sooner than later! There are some other by-law changes as well as to how work hours can be earned. During Launch, only those working on assigned tasks can earn hours. And these hours will be authorized and submitted by the team leader, not the member themselves. No longer can you put in the hours and then assign them to another member. On the other side of this issue, there are too many requests for volunteers that are not being responded to. Right now, I have a couple of my teams looking for one or more volunteers to come forward and there has been no response. And the other Vice Commodores are faced with the same issues – too much work opportunities and too few volunteers to do the work. Let’s start this new boating season off with a “flood” of volunteers coming forward and completing available tasks. If you can help out, check the web site for openings, or call the Office. They can direct you to one or more of the VCs who urgently require workers. With everyone pitching in, the work gets completed faster, and that makes NYC an even better place to be!  See you in a work party in the near future! Don Weston - VC Marine Operations (H) 416-762-7773 or dweston@thenyc.comVolunteers Logo