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Where Did all the Green Stuff Come From?
July 29th, 2014 @ 02:20 PM EST by admin
DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPROWhile diving this week to do some further chain inspections and to retrieve a lost cell phone (only for the SIM card), I encountered large green masses of floating algae on the bottom of the basin.  And when it breaks off and floats to the surface, we see these large “islands”. About a month ago, on a previous dive, I took another photo (#4198) of one of the legs of the new dinghy ramp. Notice how little there is of the “green” stuff there was then.  And now, the second photo (#4201) shows how much larger these growths have become! That white object is a 1½” turnbuckle tube to provide some scale. And if one of these are touched, the just seem to explode and float away in bits and pieces. They did leave quite a green film on my gloves! And we are starting to see the large grass-type vegetation starting to show up. When we were looking for a lost mooring, U1, the grass in the outer basin is much more advanced. I had to terminate the dive when my equipment, and me, became entangled in the grass. It is very thick and totally covers the entire floor of the basin. Happy sailing! Don Weston Vice Commodore, Marine Operations