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Winter Security Reminders
November 17th, 2014 @ 10:03 AM EST by Amelia Leeksma
Now that we have hauled out, it is important for members to revisit their responsibilities for security at the Club over the winter months. As a member of the National Yacht Club you should: - Chain and lock your ladder to the bottom of your cradle or trailer. An unsecured ladder provides easy access to your boat and every other boat on the property. - Watch for strangers on Club property. If there is no feeling of a potential threat, ask strangers to identify themselves if they don't look like they belong on the property. In all cases report strangers on the property to the Club office. - Get to know your neighbours. Let them know who they can expect to see around your boat. - Be grateful if someone asks you who you are. Not only will you meet each other, but you will also know that your fellow member is keeping an eye open for you. - Inform the Club office when you are sending a contractor or boat broker down to your boat. Make sure your contractor or broker signs in the Contractor Log Book at the Officer of the Day station. - Record license plate numbers and descriptions of any suspicious vehicles at the Club and watch for suspicious vehicles making repeat visits to the Club. If we all chip in and do our part, then we will help to minimize the incidents of theft, damage and break-ins.