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Working the Boat Show
February 25th, 2014 @ 11:50 AM EST by admin

This year I did my first stint at our Boat Show booth and you know, it was fun. Why? Because I like talking to people about things that I love. I find landlubbers are always intrigued when I tell them I sail – it seems so out of reach to most people. They have no idea how accessible it can be at a club like National. So I love telling them my story; how I found out about it accidentally and I took the intro class, how easy (a.k.a. un-scary) it was to do by myself because of how friendly people are and things like crew bank to help. I throw in that I met amazing friends and my hubby at the NYC – it all makes for a great story!

So back to the boat show… we had several visitors; thinking about learning, planning to buy a boat one day, looking for slips, and so on. There were three of us at the booth at the busiest time and we were all deeply engaged in conversation with people just like us.

Darrel told a guy who was thinking about learning to sail and buying a boat how he himself did a lot of research and determined the NYC was the best place for him to start. He explained how he crewed for while to learn what he needed to, then did the same diligence on his first boat purchase. He told how the NYC prepared and eased him into boat ownership. Merilee talked at length to people who already owned boats about how she decided it was the best value on the lake six years ago. I talked to a couple of young women like me (or like I was when I joined ten years ago) and hopefully convinced them it’s easy and inexpensive to learn, and how friendly everyone is.

Maybe working the boat show reminds us why we love the club. Members make the best salespeople because we’re already bought-in ourselves. It’s easy to sell something you love and believe in. I’m the same way with Autoshare – they should give me commission.

by Faith Seekings