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Yes, you CAN fly spinnaker on Tuesday nights!
May 28th, 2014 @ 11:28 AM EST by admin

Photo by Don Williams

I thought I'd take a minute to clear up a misconception that I keep hearing when I tell people I'm racing my CS 33 in the Spinnaker division on Tuesday nights. It seems that despite the fact that Stephen Jones opened up the option a year or so ago, no one I talk to is aware of it! It would appear that despite all NOR's and SI's created, published and posted, many racers have not noticed the availability to register in Spinnaker for Tuesdays (or dare I say maybe haven't read the documents through???) In speaking with Stephen, he created this division on Tuesdays to try to encourage more racers to fly spinnaker - for me and my crew it's perfect as we are just starting to fly spin, but don't yet have the confidence to battle it out with the seasoned spin fliers on Wednesday nights. I view it as a great way to learn so that we can 'graduate' to the serious spin division on Wednesdays at some point in the future. I also have an ulterior motive for writing this far we are the only boat registered in the division!!! Now, while this assures us a First Place it's not really how we want to win. So I'm reaching out to those racers who'd like to fly spin but not on a Wednesday to sign up and join us - it's way more fun that way! Merilee Wright Water Dragon CS 33