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Your Mooring Committee, at work
March 19th, 2012 @ 12:44 PM EST by admin

When you join NYC with a boat that you want in the water, you have two choices – mooring or dock.  Working under the direction of the NYC Board and the Vice Commodore Denys Jones, there is a team working to provide the best possible “on-water” facilities.  The Dock Committee, under Don Williams, provides all the care to the docks, while the Mooring Committee, under Don Weston, provides the care to all of the moorings.

With the outer basin, NYC is fortunate to have over 100 active mooring locations.  To ensure that these moorings are sound, providing boat owners with a secure location to leave their boats, the Mooring Committee performs a number of different tasks to make this happen.

The maintenance of the individual mooring requires constant attention.  Each spring, a team of divers, some NYC members as well as members of the Etobicoke Underwater Club, complete inspections of as many of the mooring as possible, prior to the Launch date.  They are looking at the connections to the large anchors (train wheels or concrete blocks), the chain itself, and the connectors at the surface, as well as the condition of the tire floats.  The chains do wear out as the floats are pulled by the motion of the connected boat.  This constant lifting and dropping of the chain on the bottom produces a lot of wear and could cause the chain to fail.  The results of all of the inspections are carefully recorded in a log that goes back to 1995!  In this way, we are able to track wear and focus attention on specific locations, ensuring that chains are replaced well before a failure does occur.

The Mooring Committee is also responsible for the dinghy ramp and the plastic docks used by both dinghies and dry sailor.  The ramp is actually anchored to the basin floor to ensure that it maintains a contact position.  And the plastic docks, stored for the winter on the island, and are also anchored in place.

To complete these tasks, the Committee is provided with two vessels.  The Blue Barge is used to lift mooring anchors (they weigh in at over 700lbs) into position.  In some locations, the anchors have been moved by the weather and we have to put them back into their correct location, thereby providing clear paths for boats to travel through the basin.  The other vessel is Storm King, a very able workhorse!  She provides a good diving platform for the inspections, as well as providing a work platform for the care and maintenance of all mooring floats.  These tires do fail and sink during the season, and have to be recovered and replaced.

We do have some “missing” moorings where the chain has been dropped.  Last season we installed a number of new moorings in their place as it is difficult to locate a buried anchor under all the silt.

Working with the Office, moorings are assigned based upon a number of factors.  There are several “double’ anchored locations and these are used for the very heavy boats.  We also need to be aware of the basin depth as it does get shallow in the northwest corner!

To do all this work required a large team of member volunteers.  I have been very fortunate to have worked with a great group over the past 2 years.  And now, due to some personal priorities, we have a number of openings to welcome some new folks to the team.  The work is not that tough, the rewards are very good and the fellowship is the best!  And no prior training or knowledge is required!

If you’d be interested in joining the Mooring Committee, or learning more about what’s involved, give me a call!  Be glad to discuss with you!

Don Weston, Director, Mooring Committee
(H) 416-762-7773 (C) 416-702-7706