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On the waterfront in Downtown Toronto since 1894 From novice to old salt, there is a place for everyone at National Yacht Club.

How to Post

Private Sales Only

Advertisements must be for private sales and of a non-commercial nature.

To post your ad, please email with “For Sale” in the subject line of the message. The text that you provide will be posted more or less exactly as is (i.e. no spell checking, etc). Only the first line of the message, not of the subject line, will be highlighted. Ads will be posted in order received, the most recent first.

Unless indicated otherwise in the body of the message, the return email address will be posted. In-appropriate material will not be posted, at the moderator’s sole discretion.

Postings will be kept on line for 6 months. If you no longer need the ad, please send us a courtesy email. To either have your ad removed or changed, please send the entire wording included in the ad to avoid confusion.