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On the waterfront in Downtown Toronto since 1894 From novice to old salt, there is a place for everyone at National Yacht Club.


What We Sell

The NYC Regalia Committee has built a great collection of NYC branded items for sale. Including racing gloves, lots of T-shirts, ball caps, burgees, pins, rugby shirts, golf shirts and much more!  We carry various styles, colours, and sizing for men and women.

We often carry special items on top of the regular stock, but we have so much great stuff available right now we have not done that this year. In the near future we’ll be surveying our members to determine what it is the members would like to purchase. The display case is located outside of the office at NYC.

How to Buy

Currently the Regalia Committee do sales during launch and haulout, regattas and as requested – such as for the Keel Boat course and for The Toronto Burn Survivors Cruise.
At other times, all items can be bought through the club’s office!