Race Practice has been replaced with organised racing. Please visit the Racing Documents & Registration page for more information.

As Toronto moves into Phase 2 of recovery, the NYC Race Committee is working hard to create a fun, safe environment for us to participate in evening race practice. To this end we’re organising daily practice events on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and hope you can join.

Here’s the process:

No registration is required, no trophies are at stake. Go practice, have fun, get better, we’ll take care of the math.
Daily practice courses will be posted before 5pm for a given day. These will be simple “foxtrot courses”. Mark details can be found in the image below and the linked document.
Boats will self start within a pre-set evening time window (6pm – 7pm on the day of the challenge) to make conditions similar for all participants.
Skippers will submit self start and finish times via a google form (links below).
The NYC Race Committee will publish corrected times online based on historical PHRF data.
On water coaching is available to all participants on Thursdays. Please fly a white flag at the stern of your boat if you wish to receive coaching.


Participation will be run under the “International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, (1972), with Canadian Modifications” (Colregs). This means the Racing Rules of Sailing will not apply, please be courteous and respectful of other boats.
Skippers are responsible for the safety of their crew. This includes restricting crew numbers where appropriate and ensuring they and their crew follow current physical distancing rules. Current provincial direction is available here.
The NYC is focused on supporting Rowan’s Law, all participants must review and follow the NYC’s concussion policy.
We recognise that this is not the ideal scenario but believe it to be an important, safe, first step to getting our weeknight racing program back on course and we will continue to monitor the situation for opportunities to get back to our normal racing program safely.

Practice Courses

Day Next Practice Fleet(s) Course Time Submission Link Results
 Tuesday  August 4, 2020  White Sail, Sharks  TBA - day of, before 5 PM  Submit Time
 - Deadline 9 AM Wednesday
 Wednesday  August 5, 2020  Spinnaker  TBA - day of, before 5 PM  Submit Time 
Deadline 9 AM Thursday
 Thursday  July 30, 2020  Double Handed, Women's, Beginner  D2GD, all marks to port  Submit Time 
Deadline 9 AM Friday


Marks are as pictured on this page and a pdf version can be downloaded here