Race, even if you don’t own a boat!

National Yacht Club has a highly popular Racing Crew Bank for those members who want to race, but don’t have a boat. Experienced sailor or complete novice – all are welcome to join the Racing Crew Bank, which is included in the cost of membership and runs from May to October. Sailboats of all shapes and sizes participate, so you have the chance to find the boat and crew that’s right for you!

Weeknight Racing Crew Bank

National Yacht Club offers a Crew Bank for Club members. Sign up on the day-of racing on our posted sign-up sheets. Lists of ‘Crew Looking for Boat’ and ‘Boat Looking for Crew’ are posted outside the north doors of the Club on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday race nights. It’s manned by a club member who will help place you on the right boat to match your skill level.

Dress Code
Members and guests are asked to respect the volunteers’ boats and wear only non-marking-soled shoes when participating in the racing crew bank. Dark soled shoes leave hard to clean marks on boat decks. Bare feet are not recommended. Also recommended are sailing gloves and your own PFD (personal flotation device).

Minimum Age Requirement
The minimum age of any crew bank participant  is 16 years of age or older.

Crew Etiquette
Every boat takes work to set up and shut down. Ask your skipper how you can lend a hand to prepare for the race! Arriving early is a good way to get familiar with the job you will be doing and a great opportunity to meet the skipper and crew of the boat you will be sailing on. Remember that your help is also needed in derigging the boat after racing. Assistance is always appreciated!

Skipper Etiquette
Skippers are expected to be clear in their expectations for crew in regards to language, equipment and practice aboard their boat. Crew members are often new members or individuals who are looking to expand their sailing experience, please help them out as much as you can.

Changing Crew Assignments
The use of the crew bank is intended to match skippers and crew, some skippers and crew will be a match right off the bat, some crew or skippers will want to change things up a bit. Have a chat with each other when you return to the dock, if you want to keep sailing together, that’s awesome! If you want to change things up, that’s awesome too!

If you are a skipper or crew who want to change things up, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Registration for the Crew Bank can happen ahead of time, or in person. Crew assignments will be posted in the Crew Corner by 1700 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Day-of pairings will be accommodated, but advanced use of this bank makes things easier. If you are using the online crew bank you must submit your registration no later than 1600 Monday for that week.

If a crew member cannot be matched ahead of time, they will receive an email no later than 2000 Monday and be encouraged to arrive at the Crew Corner regardless. Tuesday we guarantee a boat to anyone who is at the Crew Corner between 1700 and 1730, other nights we will still do our best!

Participants are asked to arrive no later than 1730*. The Crew Bank Moderator normally starts around 1700* in the Crew Corner (front of ODD) and runs the bank until 1745*. All boats leave the dock no later than 1800 and many boats leave before then.

Registration for the online crew bank is available on the Racing Crew Bank page of the members portal.

*These times may vary and are dependent on the season.